Red Tangerine & Vanilla Wood

A Woody Ambré take on Mandarin Orange and Vanilla Wood to transport you to the sweet tropical languor of the Bahia Islands.

This singular composition has been crafted according to the traditions of French Haute Parfumerie, using only the finest precious primary ingredients inspired by the travels of the botanist Louis Feuillée.

Perfume 100%* Vegan
18% Concentration
Collection developed in Grasse
Up to 86%** Materials of Natural Origin

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* 100% Le Couvent products are registered with the Vegan Society
** Calculated according ISO 16128 regulations - % natural components across the whole range of ‘Parfums Remarquables’

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The tropical languor of the Bahia Islands

TINHARÉ, a souvenir of a trip to the Brazilian islands, where time is suspended, resonates with the rhythm of the percussions as a vibrating and sweet olfactory stopover. At the top, the sweetness of a juicy and greedy Red Mandarin gives way to a tender and feminine heart. Then on a Vanilla background, TINHARÉ, sensual and addictive, lets express an addictive trail.

"TINHARÉ reminds me of the warm sand and the nonchalant atmosphere of the Brazilian islands. "
Jean-Claude Ellena
Creative Fragrance Director


The fragrant heart of Red Mandarin is  expressed from the zesty peel of the fruit. This Essence is a fresh and invigorating ingredient which illuminates woody notes and brings lightness to the amber accords.



Vanilla absolute, rare and precious, is obtained after a long process of extraction and ripening. The pods are harvested when they are not quite ripe. It is only after long months that the vanilla crystals are formed and that the fragrance, sweet and captivating, can be captured to magnify its perfume concentrates with its oriental and amber notes.