Magnolia & Salted Wood

Under the creative fragrance direction of Jean-Claude Ellena, one of the greatest perfumers worldwide, a Marine Floral fragrance is born. The evocation of biting winds from the Arctic with fresh and floral notes of Magnolia and Salted Wood.
A unique creation developed in the tradition of French Haute Parfumerie, using noble essences from afar inspired by the travels of botanist Louis Feuillée.

100%* Vegan Perfume
18% concentration
Developed in Grasse
Up to 86%** Materials of Natural Origin

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*100% of our products are registered as being vegan by the Vegan Society
**Calculation in accordance with ISO 16128 – % naturalness of the whole 'Parfums Remarquables' range

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A biting wind from the Arctic

ANORI, a crystalline impression from the icy lands of the Arctic. A biting marine floral wind, with an intense and incisive silvery trail. An opening burst of Cardamom that illuminates the fresh and floral Magnolia heart, underpinned by Salted Wood base notes.

"ANORI is an intense thrill. The expression of northern winds. I imagined a bouquet of ice and salt flowers interwoven with a ribbon of sea spray." Jean-Claude Ellena,
one of the greatest perfumers worldwide,
Creative Fragrance Director of Le Couvent.


An immaculate flower that is a symbol of purity, magnolia is harvested in spring and autumn when the temperatures are mildest. In perfumery, its precious essence is obtained from the petals. An incredibly fresh trail with delicate floral facets.    


Mentioned in the oldest writings in the world, Cedar is the American Indians' equivalent of the European Oak. Chips of the wood are distilled to produce an essential oil. Slightly harsh and dry, its characteristic pencil odour contributes remarkable balance to olfactory compositions.