Lavender Azurine & Vetiver

A Woody Fern fragrance combining fresh, potent Vetiver and Azurine Lavender oils to call to mind the wild and raw coastal scrubland of the Cyclades that is swept by the hot, dry Mediterranean winds.

This singular composition has been crafted according to the traditions of French Haute Parfumerie, using only the finest precious primary ingredients inspired by the travels of the botanist Louis Feuillée.

Perfume 100%* Vegan
18% Concentration
Collection developed in Grasse
Up to 86%** Materials of Natural Origin

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* 100% Le Couvent products are registered with the Vegan Society
** Calculated according ISO 16128 regulations - % natural components across the whole range of ‘Parfums Remarquables’

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The rugged Cyclades

KYTHNOS evokes the rugged islands of the Cyclades where the tranquility of the Greek villages breaks with the dense and impenetrable wilderness of its scrubland. Top notes of Lavender and Thyme develop into heart notes, with woody notes of Vetiver blended with aromatic, rich and intense notes give the fragrance a powerful base and a memorable olfactive 'signature'.

"KYTHNOS, Island of the Cyclades, lost in the heart of the maquis, the perfection of nature where the plant and the earth merge. "
Jean-Claude Ellena
Creative Fragrance Director



Lavender blossoms grow at the end of long stems in blue ears that create a beautiful azurine strip between land and sky. The intense essence is harvested from these and when worked into fragrance, bestows a hint of woody aromatic freshness. Lavender has a timeless and unique, olfactive signature.



Vetiver has long, narrow leaves and grows wild in the India and Indonesia, but it is the roots of the plant that conceal its fragrance: The Rhizomes, bathed and then dried in the sun, then undergo steam distillation to coax out its green amber wood essence. Vétiver lends intensity and elegantly bolsters the masculine aspects of a composition.