Vetiver Essence & Cedarwood

A Spicy Woody fragrance of fresh Vetiver and Majestic Cedar evoking the wooded coastline of Chile.
This singular composition has been crafted according to the traditions of French Haute Parfumerie, using only the finest precious primary ingredients inspired by the travels of the botanist Louis Feuillée.

Perfume 100%* Vegan
18% Concentration
Collection developed in Grasse
Up to 86%** Materials of Natural Origin

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* 100% Le Couvent products are registered with the Vegan Society
** Calculated according ISO 16128 regulations - % natural components across the whole range of ‘Parfums Remarquables’

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The wooded Chilean coastline

VALPARAISO recreates the wooded coasts of Chile. It opens with a sparkling mix of essence of Petitgrain and spicy aromas, fizzing with bitterness. This is followed by mysterious notes of Patchouli, Myrrh and Incense, which rise gently before giving way to the power of Vetiver and Cedar.

"VALPARAISO, or the woody coast of Chile, swept by a breath laden with spray, fresh and spicy. "
Jean-Claude Ellena
Creative Fragrance Director


From southern India comes Vetiver, a dense, hardy plant. Under the ground, this gramineous plant typically has a root span of 50 centimetres. With sweet, green, humid notes, its amber-scented absolute confers a characteristic of smoky green undergrowth.


Mentioned in the oldest writings in the world, it is the American Indians' equivalent of the European Oak. Chips of the wood are distilled to produce an essential oil. Slightly harsh and dry, its characteristic pencil odour contributes remarkable balance to olfactory compositions.